• From Human-imposed Order to Natural Order
    Most of us have been instilled with a sense of order. We naturally look for patterns to help us make sense of our surroundings. Chaos shakes us up and makes us uncomfortable. I grew up on a farm where plants were seeded or planted in straight lines set apart at a consistent distance. It made mechanization possible and made it easier for us to maintain the gardens and harvest efficiently. But we were always battling […]
  • Thoughts on our place and role in protecting biodiversity:
    When we get absorbed by the little things that tantalize, frustrate, anger and amuse, we fail to see the big picture.  Whether it’s relationships, politics, social status, or picture-perfect gardens, they can blind us to reality.   This is the age of advanced telescopes that can focus on the far reaches of our universe to give us a glimpse of what was billions of years ago, long before our sun and planets were born out […]
  • Seeding for Biodiversity
    There is a natural tendency toward biodiversity built into living things.  In plants, this is achieved through cross-pollination and mutation.  When a plant produces seeds there will always be some degree of variation within the offspring.  Some may fail to thrive while others may be more successful than average.  The parent plant puts a lot of resources into seed production.  Many seeds are equipped with a means for travel which is important as this is […]
  • Gardening Naturally – Taking our Cues from Nature
    Declining biodiversity is one of the most serious issues today.  With the growing demands of the human population, species in all parts of the world are being stressed due to climate change, habitat loss, and pollution.  We are seeing unprecedented rates of extinction.   As landowners and gardeners, we need to recognize our role in providing a safe haven for native plants and their dependents while attending to our own needs.  We can collectively help counter […]
    Article by Bay of Quinte Tourism
  • Natural Themes Beginnings
    In 2006, I took early retirement from a position in outdoor education to start a native plant nursery in Frankford, Ontario.  For those who recognize the importance of biodiversity and wanted to turn their yards into havens for wildlife, it was hard to find plants native to this general area. So, I did my research, found suppliers, did some seed collection and embarked on my lifelong love of working in the soil.  Every day has […]
  • A Backyard Pollinator Garden
    It is hard to imagine a world without flowers. They bring joy during times of celebration and solace during times of sadness or grief. Though the beauty of their form, colour and fragrance is so appealing to us, their true purpose is to attract the little creatures who act as couriers between male and female organs within a species of plants. The purpose of pretty petals, fragrance and sweet nectar is to attract and reward […]
  • The Forest as Inspiration to Create a Woodland Garden in Your Yard
    The beauty of the natural world has inspired artists and poets since humans have been able to express their creativity on paper and canvas. Woodlands, parks and wilderness areas are common destinations for people who just want to get away from the regular hustle and bustle of modern life. All of us need a space in the outdoors. When my children were young, we lived on a fairly small lot in the country. One corner […]