Natural Themes is a business rooted in the principle of “Nature knows best”. The native plant nursery, started in 2006, is in a natural setting featuring meadow, woodland, and wetland. Owner, Bea Heissler, uses her knowledge of the natural environment to help people understand local ecology and the importance of incorporating native plants into our gardens, yards, and properties.

Species and availability of native plants are dependent on seed collection, plant propagation, and availability of plant materials from suppliers. Most plants are propagated on site from seeds, by division, or cuttings. Some are removed locally from areas being developed, trampled or cultivated. No plants are taken from the wild.

🌿 Meet the Team🌱

Our roots run deep on the family farm in Frankford, just north of Trenton, Ontario. As our mother, also a grandmother and a great-grandmother, always said “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, reminding us of our connection to the land and each other.

Bea Heissler opened Natural Themes Native Plant Nursery in 2006 after an early retirement from her role as an Outdoor Educator. Bea recognized that it was challenging to find plants native to this region. So, Bea researched, found suppliers, seed collected, and embarked on her lifelong love of working in the soil, inspiring, and educating others in restoring the land. Dan, Bea’s husband, lends his expertise in administration and sales, ensuring everything runs smoothly, and his knack for brewing a delicious coffee adds a delightful touch!

In 2024, Maya Navrot, Bea’s daughter, officially joined the team. Maya assists in seed collection, transplanting, sales, and marketing. With a rich background spanning two decades in public service and non-profits, Maya brings a wealth of expertise in land stewardship, environmental education, and ecological restoration. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Sciences & Biology, Maya offers consultations, site planning, and oversees planting services, both small and large-scale.

Maia Heissler, Bea’s sister, has been a cornerstone of our team, lending her expertise in local seed collection, transplanting, and stock preparation. Her unwavering commitment to nature shines through in her work and her business, Down-To-Earth Creations where she offers gifts inspired by the woods.

🌿🌳 Join us in the beauty of native plants and working with nature to restore the land! 🌎

Natural Themes Beginnings

In 2006, I took early retirement from a position in outdoor education to start a native plant nursery in Frankford, Ontario.  For those who recognize the importance of biodiversity and wanted to turn their yards into havens for wildlife, it was hard to find plants native to this general area. So, I did my research, found suppliers, did some seed collection and embarked on my lifelong love of working in the soil. 

Every day has been a learning experience… Read more