Planting for Pollinators

Many native plants act as a food source for butterflies. A butterfly garden contains food plants for butterfly caterpillars and nectar plants for the adult butterflies. Tangles of roots, logs, and stumps create cavity areas for pupating caterpillars.

View/download a PDF of wildflowers for pollinators – a resource to aid you in selecting species for your site.

You may want to search through out wildflower inventory database for more information on available wildflowers. 

Pollinator Garden Packs
Mix & Match

Species available for this pack prefer full sun as do most pollinators.

It is best to grow them in a well-drained area. 

Most are drought tolerant and require no special attention.

Each plant requires about 1 square foot in the garden, an area 5ft x 6 ft is all that is required for this mini oasis for bees and butterflies. 

A little mulch between plants will help to keep weeds down and moisture in.