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We have over 200 species of plants native to North America including wildflowers, grasses, ferns, vines, shrubs and trees available for all kinds of growing conditions typical of meadows, wetlands and woodlands.

The nursery is now closed for the season.

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View/download a PDF of wildflowers for pollinators – a resource to aid you in selecting species for your site

All the species in the pack prefer full sun as do most pollinators. It is best to grow them in a well-drained area.  All are drought tolerant and require no special attention. None of these species are invasive with new shoots coming up at the very base of the plant to create a clumping effect.

Each plant requires about 1 square foot in the garden, an area 5ft x 6 ft is all that is required for this mini oasis for bees and butterflies.  A little mulch between plants will help to keep weeds down and moisture in.

Organically-grown Produce

Fresh from our farm

Natural Themes offers fruits and vegetables as they come into season between March and end of December  Click here to see what is now available.

All of the produce is grown organically using natural fertilizers and biological controls in our gardens and unheated greenhouses where we strive to support natural balance and biodiversity as much as possible.


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