• Bea Heissler
    It is hard to imagine a world without flowers. They bring joy during times of celebration and solace during times of sadness or grief. Though the beauty of their form, colour and fragrance is so appealing to us, their true purpose is to attract the little creatures who act as
  • Bea Heissler
    The beauty of the natural world has inspired artists and poets since humans have been able to express their creativity on paper and canvas. Woodlands, parks and wilderness areas are common destinations for people who just want to get away from the regular hustle and bustle of modern life. All

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  1. Ruth McDonald says:

    My daughter and I moved to Bloomfield in early spring 2021. The yard was a rather sickly grass with a few shrubs (boxwood).
    The front yard was first priority. We had two large raised planters installed, the grass removed, garden soil added and a few trees planted, along with some annuals and perennials. We also added a pergola and placed a bench under it, to watch the garden grow and change with the seasons, and to be astounded by all the insects and birds coming and going.

    Then we tackled the backyard. We collected cardboard from every source we could think of and covered the whole back and side yard with cardboard, then ordered truckloads of mulch. Two local young men were hired to help spread the mulch. After two summers, we have a backyard of perennials, five raised beds of vegetables, a compost pile, and so many butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and small birds visiting our gardens! It is a joy to work outside, to sit and watch the activity at play. I have visited Natural Themes twice to purchase native plants, and also have ordered from Ontario Native Plants, to great satisfaction.

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