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All late summer/fall retail pricing includes HST.

3” & 4” pots of tree and shrub seedlings @ $4 ea (American Sycamore, Catalpa, Honey Locust, Spice Bush, False Indigo Bush, Meadowsweet, Sand Cherry, White Cedar, Ninebark, Wild Roses, Eastern Hemlock, Kentucky Coffee, Hop Tree, Redbud)

Bunchberry, Wintergreen, & Bearberry @ $5 ea

Large plugs of Buttonbush, Meadowsweet, or Catalpa @ $2.50 ea

1 gal pots of trees, shrubs, & vines @ $10 ea

2 gal pots of trees and shrubs @ $18 ea


SHRUBS:   Speckled Alder, Saskatoon, Shadblow Serviceberry, False Indigo Bush, Chokeberry, Buttonbush, Pagoda Dogwood, Silky Dogwood, Flowering Dogwood, Gray Dogwood, Red Osier Dogwood, American Hazelnut, Running Strawberry-bush, Winterberry, Spicebush, Fly Honeysuckle, Sweet Gale, Ninebark, Choke Cherry, Fragrant Sumac, Staghorn Sumac, Prickly Gooseberry, Smooth Wild Rose, Pasture Rose, Swamp Rose, Wild Red Raspberry, Black Raspberry, Purple Flowering Raspberry, Pussy Willow, Sandbar Willow, Black Elderberry, Red Elderberry, Narrow-leaved Meadowsweet, Broadleaf Meadowsweet, Snowberry, Maple-leaved Vibernum, Witherod, Arrowwood, Nannyberry, Highbush Cranberry

TREES: Balsam Fir, Striped Maple, Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Silver Maple, Allegheny Service Berry, Yellow Birch, White Birch, Bitternut Hickory, Shagbark Hickory, Catalpa, Hackberry, Honey Locust, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Tamarack, Osage Orange, Hop Hornbeam, White Spruce, Red Pine, White Pine, American Sycamore, Balsam Poplar, Cottonwood, Trembling Aspen, Wild Plum, Pin Cherry, Black Cherry, White Oak, Bur Oak, Black Oak, Beaked (Diamond)Willow, Black Willow,  American Mountain Ash, White Cedar

Wildflowers and grasses continue to be available by order and pick up. Email

Full tray of 32 large plugs of Purple Love Grass, Helenium, Canada Rye, or Green-headed Coneflower@ $30 (HST included)

Full tray of 18 Helenium, Canada Rye, Purple Love Grass, Virgin’s Bower, June Grass, Yellow Avens or Green-headed Coneflower @ $25 (HST included)

Pollinator packs of 18 wildflowers and grasses (mix and match) @ $50 with many meadow species available including Virgin’s Bower.Woodland packs of 18 (mix and match) @ $50 (choose from Great Lobelia, Woodland Phlox, Wood Poppy, Wild Geranium, White Snakeroot, Black Cohosh, Red Baneberry, Doll’s Eye, Wood Mint, Tall Bellflower)

Wildflowers, grasses, and sedges @ $4 ea

Ferns @ $5 ea (Christmas, Wood, Maidenhair, Lady, Cinnamon, Royal, Sensitive)